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How to be a Good Manager 
Do your information gathering and analysis as thorough
as possible before making the decisions.
Many would like to be good manager,
to be able to lead their teams to great things.
But what are the essential characteristics of
Good Managers? Read more to find out.

Step 1
Develop Wisdom
Wisdommanager is able tomake wise decision
quick and correctlymost of the time, learn from
mistakes, able to strategize and take
advantage of rising opportunity and avoid
unnecessary dangers, creating great teams
and guiding themto great results.With wisdom
comes with ease in carrying out the next few
steps. To develop wisdom, managers have to
read widely, be analytical and have good
understanding of the workings inside and
outside his department.

Step 2
Be Trustworthy
Trustworthiness means that whatever
the manager promises must be carried out, in
the process creating trust with his team
members. Trust of his team is important if he
is to be able to unite his army against their
enemies. If a manager could not reward as
promised, it is likely that his team member
would not put in their best since they have no
idea whether they would be rewarded or not.
Same thing for punishment, if certain rules are
 set out but team members who flout it are not
punished, it would create chaos in the
companys organization and structure

Step 3
Be Benevolent
Benevolence is understanding,
accommodating and love for his team
members. Show your teammembers you have
their welfare at heart. Treat them like your
family members. But one must note that too
much benevolence could spoil the army,
making them too comfortable, thus sapping
their fighting spirit. Thus Sun Tzu also
proposed Discipline (Please see Step 5).
Discipline would counterbalance the
characteristic of benevolence.

Step 4
Develop Courage
Managers should be able to face the mistakes
that are made under his department because
at the end of the day, he is responsible for what
is going on in the department. There is also
another aspect where we must see courage
as well and that is to make unfavorable or
unpopular decisions. If the manager lacks
courage in the formofmaking difficult decision,
hemaybe be leading his teammember to slow
death because most of the time these
unfavorable decisions can avoid short-term
pain but causes huge damage that is
accumulated in the long run.

Step 5
Develop Discipline
Managers need to develop self-discipline and discipline in teams. With discipline,
managers would be able to deploy his teams to execute his plan effectively and efficiently. He
himself must have great self-discipline, to set a good example to his teams, gaining trust in the
process. But again, too much discipline may cause the manager to be seen as a tyrant in the
eyes of his team members. As such when instilling discipline, it must be moderated with
benevolence (Please see Step 3).

Words of Great Wisdom
The eye of the heart, though closed in fallen man, is able to take in a glimmering of light and this
is faith. But anway of living causes a covering like rust to accumulate over the heart so that it
cannot sense the Divine origin of God’s message.
- Martin Lings
(Abu Bakr Sirajuddin)

Listen to your heart and not your ego. Your ego prompts you to boast of vain assertions to
obtain the glory of this world. Turn away from vanity and seek Him in the recesses of your
heart and soul
 -Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani

“Sometimes there is no easy way out, but there is always an easier way out and a harder
way out. Choose wisely.”
-Nathaniel Bronier Jr.

When my heart was hardened
and my courses constrained
I made my hope a stairway
to Your forgiveness
My sin burdened me heavily,
but when I measured it
by Your forgiveness
Your forgiveness was the greater
-Imam As ShafiI

By: MaWaR PuTiH

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