Thursday, 21 June 2012


 The Bajau Kubang community is part of the Bajau tribe which constitutes one of the major indigenous groups of Sabah . A land based maritime society living in the Semporna District, the Bajau Kumbang customs include observing and performing traditional wedding rituals. These functions held are a good opportunity for people of all creeds and colours to meet and socialise with one another. The traditional wedding of Semporna involves various stages. During the Magpassal, the fingers of the bride and groom will be painted with henna. A cleansing ritual called the Magbatal will be performed before and after the marriage vows are taken. To wake the household before dawn, special music will be played by the kulintangan and gong ensemble at the houses of both the bride and groom. This process is called Titik tag’na. To solemnise the marriage vows, the groom and his entourage will go on a Muaoh Pengantin bearing the bride-wealth. The pathway to the bride’s house is usually decorated with a sambulayang (large flag shaped like an octopus or jelly fish) and kipas-kipas (smaller triangular flags), all of which have ritual significance. Before the guests can witness the wedding, the Pugung or ritual cleansing and ceremonial wrapping of the bride in a sarong will be held. Both bride and groom will then sit on a special dais during the Magpasandang. 

By: MaWaR PuTiH

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